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Northern Oklahoma College is Life Changing

NOC Internships

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    NOC Student Interns with OHP

    Scericka Bates wants to become a member of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and she knows what to expect as she works towards her career goals.Bates is a Northern Oklahoma College sophomore majoring in Criminal Justice. She experienced the life of a Highway Patrol office this semester during an internship with the OHP.Bates participated in ride alongs, witnessed traffic stops, and observed the computer and communication systems the OHP use to run vehicle tags and identification cards.“In my cri...  Read More...

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    NOC Student Participates in Criminal Justice Internship

    Kianna DeLodge participated in an internship this semester at the Kay County Detention Center.DeLodge is a Northern Oklahoma College sophomore majoring in Criminal Justice.She received hands-on experience this semester through ride alongs with deputies and observed inmates at the detention center. DeLodge learned from the Kay County staff that patience is key.“The internship helped me overcome my fears with being in a jail and helped me put myself out there with people in law enforcement,” ...  Read More...

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    Gilmore Participates in Mass Comm Internship

    Northern Oklahoma College communication major Michael Gilmore is participating in an internship with the NOC Cultural Engagement Center.Gilmore films special events hosted in the Cultural Engagement Center (CEC), edits the footage, and posts videos to the Center’s social media platforms. The CEC supports Native American students and low-income students through retention and graduation efforts.So far, Gilmore has filmed a Cherokee language preservation workshop and a Native American mentor panel....  Read More...

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    Glasgow Interns for Cornett Campaign

    Nicholas Glasgow spent his summer and early fall working on Mick Cornett’s gubernatorial campaign.Glasgow is a Northern Oklahoma College sophomore majoring in Social Sciences. The majority of his time was spent making phone calls to voters, knocking on doors to hand out campaign literature, and delivering yard signs around the state.“The internship helped me because I was able to see how and why people think the way they do in dealing with politics. I can listen to a citizen get mad over many is...  Read More...

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    Ochoa Participates in Domestic Violence Internship

    Northern Oklahoma College Behavioral Science Major Gabriella (Gabby) Ochoa is participating in a two-year internship with the Kaw Nation Domestic Violence Program.Ochoa says “My primary responsibilities are contacting clients to check on them and collecting client satisfaction surveys.” She also sits in on intake sessions and provides childcare for clients during talking circles.Ochoa added, “I am getting hands-on experience with clients. We go to court with clients and it has ...  Read More...

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