Available Internships

Are you ready for an internship but don't know where to start?  Contact Dr. Rae Ann Kruse at rae.kruse@noc.edu, or call 580.628.6341.  

The House FM
The House FM has Marketing, Broadcast, and Freelance Graphic Design internships available.  Please contact Dr. Rae Ann Kruse for more details. 

Riverview, LLP
Paid internships in all areas of agriculture--specifically dairy operations, beef feedlots, agronomy systems, and construction crews. The company is predominately owned by Riverview employees who strive to provide a respectful, ethical work environment, ensure animal health and comfort, enhance the productivity of the land, and add value to the communities around Morris, MN.  For more information contact Joan Spaeth at joan.spaeth@riverviewllp.com or call 320.392.6741.  

Seaboard Farms
Seaboard Foods employs more than 5,200 people in Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Iowa, Missouri and Texas sharing a commitment to feed people with safe, nutritious pork products. Seaboard Foods is committed to providing employees with the opportunity to make a good living, offer training and advancement programs and helping them feel connected to why they do what they do each day, which leads to a passionate and productive workforce.  For summer work opportunities or internships, you can find more information here.

American Red Cross
Position Title:  Divisional Fiscal Review Team Member

Review cases where the American Red Cross provided financial assistance.  Two to six hours a week, depending on caseload.  Hours are flexible and can be done from anywhere with an Internet connection.  Interns need basic computer skills and ability to work independently, accuracy, and excellent customer service skills.  Contact Crys Davis at crys.davis@noc.edu for more information.