Behavioral Science

Career facts

The Associates of Arts degree program in Behavioral Science use varying perspectives to discuss the behavior of people.  Behavioral scientists seek to understand why people do what they do.  This degree program will prepare students to pursue any of the degrees within the field of Behavioral Sciences--Psychology, Sociology, Social Psychology, or Social Work.  


In addition to the general education requirements Behavioral Science students focus on Psychology, Sociology, Social Psychology, and Social Problems.  Elective courses include Human Sexuality, Marriage/Family, Criminal Justice, Juvenile Delinquency, Ethics, Addictive Behaviors, and Statistics. 


Social Services
Community Health
Educational Psychology

Who is a good fit?

2016-2025 OK labor market projections

Child, Family, and School Social Workers – Bachelor’s Degree
Median Salary - $16.05/hr.
Growth – 8%
10 year change in jobs – 483

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Worker - Bachelor's Degree
Median Salary - $12.78/hr.
Growth – 22%
10 year change in jobs – 312

Psychologist – Master’s Degree
Median Salary - $44.23/hr.
Growth – 8%
10 year change in jobs – 14