Career Services

Career Services

Everest Administration Building
Counseling Office
100 S. University Avenue
Enid, OK 73701
580) 548-2309


The primary mission of the Career Services Center is to coach, prepare and support students to become the best career ready applicant in a global work environment through educational and student learning experiences. The Career Services Center at Northern Oklahoma College assists students in their career awareness, career exploration, and career preparation according to the following guiding principles:

    • Career development is a lifelong process that combines self awareness, knowledge of the changing workplace, and the ability to effectively prepare for the workforce changes.

    • Career development is a part of the total education experience, and supported by the Career Services Center through building relationships with employers as well as the campus community.

    • Career Services will maintain EEO compliance and follow fair practice principles in offering students and alumni career services.

Career Information

Northern Oklahoma College subscribes to OKCIS (Oklahoma Career Information System). You will need to use the user name of ‘noce’ and the password of ‘okcis508’ to log in to OKCIS. Click here to visit the OKCIS page and log in

Hire Northern Grads

Register with Northern Oklahoma College job board ( though the College Central Network.  To search for jobs targeted toward NOC students and alumni, upload your resume so that it can be viewed by employers, review you job search history, and receive e-mails about workshops, upcoming job fairs, on-campus interviews, and other related topics.

For additional information or help call 580-628-NOC1 or e-mail

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Whether you are seeking a part-time job while attending NOC or full-time employment after graduation the Career Services Center is poised to assist you in your career search process.