Distance Learning/Course Make-up Exams/Tutoring

Distance Learning (Internet)/ITV

Northern Oklahoma College students will be required to come to campus to take a Distance Learning (Internet) exam.  Please contact Stacie Leaton in the Testing Center (580)548-2265 to schedule for your exam as soon as you learn of your exam requirements.   ITV exams will also be taken in the Testing Center.  Students must contact Stacie Leaton at (580)548-2265 to schedule an appointment. Students must bring their own pencil, pen and calculator (if allowed) with them to the exam.  The student must know the course and instructor's name for the exam to be taken.  A valid photo ID is required.  If an NOC student, a NOC student ID is required. 

Course Make-up Exams

If any course make-up exams are to be taken at the Testing Center, your instructor will need to provide a Proctor Request Form to the Testing Center prior to an appointment being scheduled.  Contact your instructor for these arrangements to be made prior to scheduling your appointment with the Testing Center.


Tutors will work with you.  If you need help with an assignment, contact the individual department that you are needing assistance with and let us lend a hand.  Tutoring is provided to NOC students only.  

  • Bring your assignment, book and notes.
  • Prior to meeting with a tutor, work on homework and have a general idea of what you do not understand.  This will help you get the most out of your visit.

What Tutors Will Do:   

  • Provide feedback on homework, studying habits, and the learning process.
  • Help you focus your energy on what you think is needed.
  • Make suggestions.
  • Ask you questions to help you pull information together.
  • Discuss the concepts needed to complete an assignment.
  • Quiz you for a test or work through old test questions that were missed.
  • Refer you to other available resources.

What Tutors Will Not Do:

  • Your homework for you.
  • Guarantee you a better grade in your course.  It is still your responsibility to do the work.
  • Take the test for you.


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