1.  How do I apply to the nursing program?

First apply to the college and then obtain a nursing application packet.  The nursing application packet may be obtained by the website, email, mail, phone, or in person.  If the website application is desired, go to www.noc.edu, then click on academics, then nursing, then admission info or just click on admission info in this section.  The link entitled "application packet"  may be printed off, completed, and given to the nursing division by mail or in person.  If you would like an application packet mailed to you, just email dianna.ditmore@noc.edu or call 580.628.6679. The application packet may also be obtained at any campus site (Tonkawa, Enid, Stillwater) in person at the nursing offices. The deadline for all nursing applications is March 1st. 

2.  Do I have to have all the prerequisites finished before I apply to the nursing program?

No, in some cases you may apply to the nursing program as soon as you graduate high school; in other situations college courses may be needed.

3.  How long does it take to complete the nursing program?

At least 2 years; however, since the work load is intense most students take the program in 3 years.

4.  If I have a college degree, can I take the program in less than 2 years?

No, since the nursing courses are sequential and offered only once a year 2 years is the minimum.

5.  If I have an LPN license, can I take the program in less than 2 years?

Yes, if you graduated from an ACEN accredited program.  See the section on admissions info and then click on LPN to RN.

6. Is transportation provided to the clinical/practicum sites?

Students provide their own transportation; some even form car pools.

7. Are hospital experiences included in the program?

Yes, these hospital experiences are called clinical/practicum. The nursing curriculum consists of courses in both nursing theory and nursing practicum/clinical. The nursing practicum is provided at agencies located primarily in Blackwell, Ponca City, Stillwater and Enid. Other health care facilities provide specific clinical experiences. All student learning activities are planned, supervised and evaluated by Northern nursing faculty and are chosen to provide experiences with patients of all age groups in varying degrees of wellness. Because of the limited experiences with pediatric (children), students will travel to Children's hospital in Oklahoma City. Students may also travel to Vinita or Fort Supply for mental health (psychiatric) rotations.

8. What kind of job can I get after I graduate?

After successful passage of the NCLEX, graduates are prepared to perform entry level staff RN positions that provide direct patient care, requiring application of technical nursing skills. In fact, 6 months after graduation over 90% of the graduates have jobs in the following areas: medical, surgical, obstetrical, pediatric, ICU, ER, geriatrics, or psychiatric nursing.

9.  Is financial aid available?

Yes, there are financial aid options available for qualified students.  Contact the financial aid office at Northern Oklahoma College for more information.  Scholarships are also available for nursing students.

10.  Where can I obtain policies regarding the nursing program?

Nursing student handbooks, program applications and the nursing program guidelines are available upon request  in the nursing office.  They contain information regarding admission policies, fees, academic policies, clinical obligations, graduation requirements, progression criteria, graduation requirements, the grading system and criteria for transfer or advanced standing.