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Mission Statement
Information and Instructional Technology at Northern Oklahoma College covers many areas such as computing, media, interactive television, wireless, classroom instruction, and telephone services for each of our three campuses. It's a complex and rapidly changing environment that demands constant review and innovation. Our goal is to continually enhance the resources and expertise of the college community in support of its role in maintaining an exceptional learning environment for Northern Oklahoma College students. 


All NOC technology services are currently available for all NOC campus locations. If you are experiencing any technology issues, please contact the NOC IT Help Desk at (580) 628-6291 or by email.

New NOC Student Email Service

The NOC Information Technology Department is pleased to inform you of a big change to your email service. Our current student email system will no longer be supported at the end of July 2019. As a result, NOC has decided to move to Outlook which is included in Microsoft's Office 365.

The current planned date to begin this new email service will be July 2nd, 2019.

We understand that many of you might have questions about this change, and therefore have included several below, along with their answers:

Q: Will my student email address and password change when we move to Outlook/Office 365?

A: No, you will continue to use the same NOC credentials you use to log in to your Blackboard, myNOC, WiFi or a computer at one of our three campuses.

Q: How do I log in to Outlook/Office 365?

A: Visit this URL in your preferred web browser:

Enter your full NOC student email address “username” After clicking Next, you will be prompted to enter your NOC student access password before you log in.

Q: Will my current student emails be copied to my Outlook/Office 365 account?

A: No. Please save any emails to your device that you believe are important prior to July 2nd. You may also forward these emails to a personal email address.

Q: I forward my student email to my personal email account. Will that continue when we change to Outlook/Office 365?

A: Any email forwarding currently set up by a student will need to be set up again if they wish to continue email forwarding in Outlook/Office 365. The NOC IT Department does not currently have documentation on setting this up, but will provide it in the future by email or through the NOC IT webpage.

If you do forward email to a personal account, we strongly recommend you double-check the personal address you have typed and send a test email to confirm it works. A mistyped personal address could cause you to miss important deadlines.

Q: Will I still be able to access my old student email after the change to Outlook/Office 365?

A: Yes, you should still be able to access your old email by visiting this URL in your web browser:

Be sure to enter your full email address, not just your username.

Q: Does it cost me anything to use the other Office 365 programs besides email?

A: No, as long as you are an active student at Northern Oklahoma College, you can continue to use Office 365 apps (such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) for free. If you would prefer the desktop version of Microsoft software, you can explore the possibility of buying said software at academic discounts by visiting this URL on the school website:

Q: Will there be any changes to the school website or myNOC?

A: Links directing students to the Office 365 login webpage as well as the current email login webpage will be made on July 2nd. On August 1st, we will remove all links to the old email system. We will also update the Email page on the school website ( to reflect new steps and settings with Office 365.

If you have any additional questions about our change to Office 365, please contact the NOC IT Help Desk or call (580) 628-6291.

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