Language Arts Division




Ken Crowder, Photography

Stacey Frazier, English

Scott Haywood, English

Brandon Hobson, English 

Randy Long, Director of Printing Services

Instructor Printing

Dr. Cathy Moore, Reading & English

Doris Osborn, English

Dean Pearcy, Director Campus Radio Station

Instructor Mass Communications


Al Riddle, English

Alicia Sharp, English

Dr. Don Stinson, English & Literature


Dr. Paul Bowers, English

Service Learning Coordinator

Dr. DeLisa Ging. English

Faculty Liaison

Jeff Tate, English

Starla Reed, Reading


Tammy Davis, Language Arts

Faculty Liaison


Lisa Nordquist, Reading

Stephanie Scott, Language Arts

Diana Watkins, Language Arts












Academic Programs

Communications—Mass Communications, AA

     Communications with Photography option, AA

Education – Elementary, AA

English, AA

      English with Creative Writing option, AA

Printing Technology, AAS