Project Achieve




Welcome to Northern Oklahoma College Enid.  During your course of study at Project Achieve, you will receive updated technological training, enhance your career skills and prepare for a career, not just a job.  When you complete Project Achieve program, you will receive Career Ready Credentials to verify your future employer that you have the professional and technical skills to meet workplace requirements.


Project Achieve staff look forward to assisting you in launching you new career.  


Education and Technical Training Offered


·         Computer Applications/Concepts-Microsoft 2007

o    Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Integration

o    Publisher

o    Web Page Design

o    Internet Research


·         Peachtree

o    Budgeting

o    Business Planning

o    Estimates & Sales Orders

o    Inventory

o    Pass-Throughs

o    Payroll


·         Professional Office Procedures

o    Characteristics of an Excellent Office Employee

o    Letters, Memorandums, Newsletters

o    Tele-Communications

o    Processing Mail

o    Business Travel

o    Office Design

o    Terminology of Business & E-Commerce


·         Associate Degrees offered @ Northern Oklahoma College

o    Associate of Arts Degrees

o    Associate of Science Degrees

o    Associate of Applied Science Degrees

o    Associate of Applied Science

*NOTE: Currently it’s anticipated that students will be placed in post-secondary education only if they are able to complete an associate degree and become employed on or before 12-month time limit.



Other Training and Services


·         KeyTrain & WorkKeys Assessment

o    Oklahoma Career Ready Credentials

o    Career Skills


·         Employability/Job Readiness Skills

o    Balancing Work and Personal Life

o    Keep Your Job

o    How  to Adjust to the Workplace

o    Getting the Job You Really Want

o    Character Building


·         Support Services

o    Internship             

o    Job Placement

o    Job Retention & Follow-Up

o    Help facilitate transportation, daycare, housing, etc.



For Information Contact:


Deborah Garoutte, Director

Project Achieve

Northern Oklahoma College

100 South University Ave.

P.O. Box 2300

Enid, OK 73701


Telephone:  580.548.2257

Fax:  580.548.2205