Social Science Division

The Division of Social Science administers degrees in Social Science, Behavioral Science, Criminal Justice, and Child Development. Each degree is transferable to all area colleges.  The advisors of Social Sciences will assist each student in the process of selecting the best alternative for their degree. If I or any member of our faculty can be of service to you, please contact us through phone or email. 


Roy Chaney, Social Science

Sarah Frye, Criminal Justice

Ben Hainline, Social Science
Director of Library Services

Pat Hullet, Government

Steven McClaren, Social Science

Brenda Pennington, Social Science

Ray Shreck, Social Science


Dr. Allan Anderson, Psychology & Sociology

Jerry Hawkins, History, Government, Earth Science
Faculty Liaison

Jeremy Hise, History & Government

Greg Shamburg, Social Science
Men’s Basketball Coach


Dr. Jeremy Cook, Social Science
Faculty Liaison

Wade Watkins, Social Science
International Studies Program

Dr. Pamela Yellin, Social Science

Academic Programs

American Indian Studies, AA

 Child Development, AA

Child Development,
    Administrative Management Emphasis, AA

 Child Development,
     Early Childhood Education Emphasis, AA

Criminal Justice Administration

Education- Secondary, AA

Social Science, AA

Social Science- Behavioral Science, AA

Social Science- Law Pre-Professional, AA

Social Science- Police Enforcement, AA